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Sacred.  Authentic.  Multi-sensory.

Divine ancestral rituals that have an elevating effect on your

mind, body and soul.

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A profound psycho - spiritual massage. Activates the third eye and crown chakras.


Anointing the whole body with warm oil. A self - love - saturating ritual.

About Me


Approved by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Bodyworker and Energy Healer. I'm seen as an Ayurvedic Soul Coach offering a bespoke blend of soul-restoring old world therapies rooted in classical Ayurveda, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese Medicine. For over 10 years, I've traveled across the globe and deep within myself to explore the vast reservoirs of ancient wisdom that have withstood the test of time. Through the primordial lens of the 5 universal elements, I intuitively guide your soul towards the most optimal state of balance nature intended for you. My work centers around connecting you to your innermost wisdom to realize your fullest potential.

"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and stands back to see if we can find them."

~Elizabeth Gilbert  

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A Truly Holistic Approach to Health and Happiness

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom"

- Aristotle

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Sacred Healing Therapies

Nourish your senses & cleanse your soul

 Souls need fine-tuning from time to time. Our body is an intricate network of energy pathways. When energy flows smoothly, we feel vibrant, clear and centered. When our channels are blocked, we feel sluggish, dull and foggy. My personalized soul cleansing treatments are designed to keep your channels open, spacious and flowing while alleviating any physical ailments. Clear channels allow your inner wisdom to shine through.


My body and energy work mantra is "different strokes for different folks."  Which is why I carefully choreograph a custom blend of modalities to restore your own innate rhythm and perform them with an open heart and mindfulness. Soothing aromas, colors, crystals, singing bowls, and tuning forks are woven into the mix depending on your doshic needs. In Ayurveda, these restorative therapies are called "rasayana" and can be seen as "soul tune-ups," tuning your body to the proper frequencies while re-energizing your whole being.

Timeless Beauty Rituals

Steeped in ancient feminine-reverent traditions with 

a "less is more" mindset

Your body is your temple. You are a divine sensual being made to feel whole, radiant and powerful. These sacred treatments gracefully bring high-vibe energy and harmony to the skin and spirit. Ancient tools, potent botanicals, subtle energy points and rhythmic massage techniques are applied to calm, purify, polish, plump and nourish. Designed to enhance your natural beauty, refresh your soul while awakening your intrinsic Shakti energy, the cosmic feminine force connected to your intuition and creative powers. 

Lifestyle Counseling & Consultations

Reconnect with your inner power & wisdom

The divine in me honors the divine in you. I see you as a unique individual with a distinct combination of energies, tendencies and gifts. I honor where you are on your path and wholeheartedly believe that your higher self knows where you should be. In my counseling sessions, I serve as a conduit for connecting you with your highest self. My goal is to expand self-awareness and allow you to tap into your own inner medicine for self-healing. Our physical and subtle body is incredibly intelligent, dynamic and multilayered, containing all that is necessary to fully repair and restore itself.  I've experienced this first-hand. My consultations are designed to collect cumulative knowledge of yourself and apply a multi-disciplinary approach to guide you back to your own

natural state of harmony.

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