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Chakra Balancing

"Her touch is sublime."

It is challenging to articulate into words the transformative power of Joan's healing sessions. First, her spa sanctuary will immediately ground you when you enter her sacred space. Her attention to detail is a skill and touch is sublime.

I've had the pleasure of experiencing Tibetan Shirodhara. From the rose foot bath to Marma therapy and finally the warm oil caressing my forehead, I was taken to a land beyond!


Joan is a master at Gua Sha. Her tools are likened to that of surgeon's tools. From crystal jade to Kansa tools massaging my skin. My face tingled and radiated with newness and exhileration. I looked younger!

If you're yearning for a deep, nourishing personal self-care retreat, I highly suggest you see my dear sister Joan. It is a treat beyond anything you can imagine. 

Blessings for such a healer in this world. We need it.


~ Anita Sundaram, Classical Yogini & Ayurvedic Beauty Ritualist 

Ayurveda ~ Yoga ~ Beauty

I've struggled to put into words how special my treatment was. The best way to describe my experience with Joan is to call it "Soul Changing." I've experienced spa and wellness treatments around the world and never had a treatment that put me in such a state of feeling so relaxed that I was in a different realm. I was in a place where all the worries, stress and negative self talk literally melted away. I anticipated a more Western protocol for my Shirodhara and instead received a magical journey that started with a meditation, beautiful foot bath and ended with a complete reset. Joan is an amazing, gifted healer and energy worker who I can't recommend enough. In gratitude...

~ Jill D., Entrepreneur

She customized the entire program just for me, and we went deep. I'm going through a lot of change lately, closing doors and opening new ones. She has been the guide to my heart's desire. Often times, I can let other people's opinions weigh me down and she is a clearing for what I truly want. Her customization of therapies like aura cleansing, yoga nidra, reiki, massage and even the gemstone gua sha facial was the self care intensive I needed. 

Ongoing sessions with Joan will become part of my entrepreneurial

self-care strategy. If you feel like life has kicked your ass a little bit and are craving something JUST FOR YOU, treat yourself to a session with Joan. If you afford the time, invest in one of her half day personal retreats. It's a game changer. 


~ Maxine T., She-E-O of Vanity Girl Hollywood

Tibetan Reflexology

Joan's treatments are just so different.


I've paid for plenty of massages, acupuncture and spa treatments at your typical Burke Williams, Spa Gregories, Chiropractic offices, hotel spas, etc. Joan's treatments are just so different. So good that I'm compelled to share the world about my experiences which have been out of this world. Of all the treatments I received from Joan so far, I would say the Shirodhara and Reiki treatments have by far been my favorite. The Shirodhara was the most mentally and spiritually cleansing experience. I was in a place of bliss. The Reiki was so relaxing and I could physically feel the cells in my body being healed, while my mind was almost in a state of harmonious hypnosis. It was WILD and amazing. It's been hard to describe to family and friends what I felt and all I can say is that "you just have to experience it!" If I could add 6 stars rather than 5, I would -- they are MUST TRIES!

~ Darlene N. , Product Manager 

"I lost sense of time and was in a trance-like state"

On a recent business trip to Southern California, an industry colleague recommended I recharge with a treatment from Joan. Described as "transformational," I jumped at the chance. I chose the Shirodhara, that included many other modalities in an integrated "symphony" of healing. Somewhere in the middle of the treatment I lost sense of time and was in a trance-like state. After 10 days on the road, I felt lighter, peaceful and able to head to the airport truly "transformed" (My friend was not exaggerating!)

I can't wait to get back to Orange County for another treatment, and am already making arrangements for Joan to come to Oregon. She is a bright light and a rare combination of science, spirituality and deep caring.


- Nancy G., Entrepreneur 


I've been interested in Ayurvedic Spa experiences for awhile, but haven't been able to find the right practitioner to lead me in a journey...until I found Joan.

Her space feels very comfortable and serene. Joan wants you to feel great, and offers helpful suggestions for holistic healing to fit individual needs. 

After my treatment, I left the spa glowing! Received compliments about this glowiness days after and felt the release of unwanted energy that's been built up internally. 

I especially love how down to earth my experience with Joan was. She pays attention to detail; from thoroughly explaining the process and Ayurvedic principles of my treatment to how they will help you.

- Alex K., Founder of Mishe Beauty

"Received compliments about my glowiness days after"

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