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A 5 hour virtual workshop on developing Energy Awareness, Energetic Hygiene and

Energetic Intelligence.

This workshop is ideal for empaths, highly sensitive people, parents with electromagnetic sensitive kids, technies who are overly exposed to EMF radiation and people living near cell phone towers and power lines. Learn about the hidden energy forms that are disruptive to our psychological, physiological, neurological and cellular health. 

October 8 - 9 , 2020

6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, PST

(Join live or watch the recordings)

Making the invisible more visible.

Within our vast universe are hidden currents of energies, frequencies and vibrations that affect our minds, bodies and spirits in ways we'll never fully understand. Energies have the ability to make us feel radiant or drained; alive or lifeless. Furthermore, in today's intense Digital Age, we are continuously bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from electronic devices, bluetooth, wifi, etc that are becoming progressively hazardous to our health.

As you know, everything has energy --- plants, animals, minerals, electronics, disease, people, thoughts, emotions, intentions, prayers, etc. 

In the most simplest terms, as humans we operate on either high or low vibrations. When our vibration drops due to overexposure to toxic energies, we become more susceptible to illness, emotional disturbances and mental disorders. A prolonged disharmony in our energy field gradually leads to physical imbalances that began on a subtle energy level often long before the physical ailment came into existence. 

Fall Season marks the completion of a cycle and the emergence of unseen energies
In wisdom traditions, the arrival of Autumn brings forth the mystical energy of cleanse, harvest and looking inward in preparation for the season of rest. Days get shorter. Nights grow longer. Air becomes cool and crisp. As the leaves change colors and drop, we too are invited to welcome change and shed the things that no longer serve us. According to ancient lore, this is also a very spiritually charged season where the veil between the spirit and earthly realms are at its thinnest, making this an extra magical time for getting to know the unseen world on a much deeper level.
The days of seasonal transition before, during and after the equinox are believed to be the best times to detox and lighten the load, physically and energetically. In this case, a ceremonial cleanse from low vibrational frequencies, toxins and impurities is significantly enhanced at this critical juncture. When you release and flow with the changing seasons, you naturally strengthen your health, boost your energy, anchor your emotions, cultivate resilience, brighten your visions and feel a sense of blissful balance. 
This virtual Energy Awareness /Cleanse workshop is intentionally aligned with Fall's vibration of "release" and "let go" to usher you into a new season of shifts. Get ready to detox, shield and raise your frequency so you can step fully into your power and truly trust your intuition free from interferences.
Oct 8, 6:00 - 8:30 pm PST
Phone on table. Mobile phone with comput

Wireless World

Dangers of EMF & Electro-Pollution on the Mind, Heart, Nerves, Immunity, Libido, Fertility
Dark side to Bluelight on
Eye Health
Heavy Metals like Mercury on
Oral Health
Detoxing and Shielding Practices for Yourself, Your Family and Your Home
Nature, Herbs, Foods, Stones and Tools as Remedies
Oct 9, 6:00 to 8:30 pm PST
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Spirit World

Aura, Energetic Boundaries & Leakages
Psychic Disturbances, Attacks & Protection
Practices for Blessing, Clearing, Grounding, Shielding and Connecting with Divine Source
Detox bath vs. Spiritual bath
Herbs, Crystals, Aromas and Prayers as Ancient Purifiers & Protectors
Respect & Reverence
About Me

My World

As a Practitioner of Holistic Health, Bodywork, Energy Work and Spiritual Counseling for over 10 years, I've worked with a wide spectrum of people and energies from around the world in nonprofit, international development and corporate settings. 
I'm no stranger to energetic disturbances, black magic, psychic attacks, curses and low vibrational frequencies. My integrative wellness practice focuses on tuning you to the highest frequency possible while cleansing your mind, body and spirit of electro-psycho-spiritual-toxicity as taught by my Spiritual Masters. Countless receivers have reported leaving my sanctuary feeling radically lighter, brighter, grounded and seeing the world with greater clarity. 
As a fellow empath, I know what it feels like to have an extra-sensory ability that can feel like a super power and a super stressor simultaneously. And when you're not working with proper boundaries and awareness, you can feel extremely off center, out of your body, emotionally exhausted and even physically ill. 
In this eye-opening workshop, I will share sacred ancient high vibe practices that have transformed my path of self-healing and helped others realize their own healing powers while navigating the invisible world of energy, frequency and vibration.

Bio-Energy Shield Kit

Spiritual Provisions for Purification and Protection

Packed with handcrafted herbal teas to detox your body of EMF, heavy metals, medication, drugs, chemicals, etc, aromatic bath/foot soaks, shielding mists, premium grade crystals, luxury silk face mask, bluelight blocking lens reiki-infused Autumn sage bundle, aura cleansing shower steamer and MORE goods in the works to strengthen your bioenergy field.

The botanical and mineral remedies included in this kit have been applied to cleanse, bless, and protect one's physical and spiritual health for thousands of years. All of which will be thoroughly covered in the workshop. 

In an age where cell phones, laptops, electronics, etc are exposing us to alarming levels of electro-pollution, and energy medicine is becoming highly sought after as a viable form of healing, this workshop and kit seeks to supply you with the proper tools and timeless wisdom to safeguard the boundaries of your body and soul.

Ready to boost your energetic health and protect your inner peace? 


Workshop Only: $90

(2.5 hours per day for 2 days)

Kit Only: $80

(filled with well over $100 of custom made goods)

Workshop + Kit: $150

($200 value with $20 savings)


to sign up

At the moment, payments can be made via the following:


Venmo: joandakeeni

Upon sending payment, please send me an email with your full name, contact info and if you're registering for the workshop only, kit only or BOTH. 

Free curbside pick-up in Orange County, California. If you need it mailed then you will be contacted to add a shipping fee to send out your kit. 

For further questions, feel free to email me at or DM me on instagram @joan_dakeeni and your inquiries will be answered same day.

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