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Summer of Love Kits

Practical goods artfully curated and handcrafted in small batches with pure love and mindfulness. In the true spirit of Ayurveda, designed to: awaken all 6 senses, sync your self care routine with the changing seasons and inspire radically new rituals of self love steeped in timeless traditions from around the world. Beauty and wellness guided by nature's rhythms and centered around your own unique set of needs.

A delightful Self Love Kit for every workshop featured in the epic Summer of Love series. Packed with one of a kind potent tea blends, detox meals, moon milk staples, beauty tools, nourishing milk baths, intoxicating massage candles, artisanal items and more! As a Wellness Practitioner, Herbalist, Global Nomad and DIY Enthusiast with an extensive background in Indie Beauty and Aromatherapy, I created wholesome whimsical kits to supplement my seasonal Self Care workshops and bring newfound joy into your everyday pamper routine. 

To register and/or order an Empress Kit, fill out the form below. Your request will be followed up with shortly.

Essentials for performing a deep physical and psycho-spiritual cleanse. A 30 day program focusing on resetting the skin, liver, eyes, scalp and 6 senses be covered in the workshop. For those who completed the Gua Sha Facial workshop, this is a powerful way to dramatically boost your skin's complexion and repair process.

- Copper Tongue Scraper 

- Liver Cleanse Tea

- Serving of Kitchari Detox Meal with spice mix

- Dry Brush

- Organic Rose Drops

- Eucalyptus Essential Oil

- Organic Sesame Oil

- Madagascar Rose Quartz

- Recycled Sari Tote from India


Essentials for busting anxiety, boosting clarity, calming the mind and strengthening the respiratory system. Best practices will be shared in the workshop: 

- Sinus Herbal Steam Blend

- Chakra Balancing Tea

- Tulsi Mala Beads

- Natural Rose Medley Incense

- Wooden Incense Holder

- Matchbox

- CBD Oil Lip Balm

- Kansa Marma / Acupressure Tool

- Frankincense & Sandalwood Anointing Oil

- Ashwagandha Anti-Anxiety Moon Milk Blend

- Recycled Sari Drawstring Bag from India


Deep sleep staples to promote rest, digest, rejuvenation and repair. There is no reset without sleep. Rituals for unwinding fully will be presented in the workshop.

- Sweet Dreams Tea

- Coconut Rose Milk Bath

- Beet Powder

- Sleep Aid Spice Powder

- Pure solid Bloodstone or Clear Quartz Mushroom for melting tension 

- Handblock printed journal from India


Inviting pleasure, play and beauty into the everyday is a powerful way to balance the sacral chakra. Aphrodisiac infused ritual items and practices that bring fun and flow will be the focus of this workshop.

- Libido Boosting Tea

- Coconut Spirulina  Moon Milk

- Cardamom Rose Massage Candle 

- Matchbox

- Kansa Face & Body Wand

- Body Powder/ Dry Shampoo / Deodorizer handcrafted with fragrant grounded flowers, herbs & clays

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Become love.

When things change inside you, things change around you...
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