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Limited Edition Empress Self Love Kit + Virtual Workshop ($200 Value)

Limited Edition Empress Self Love Kit + Virtual Workshop ($200 Value)



Inspired by the lavish beauty traditions of royal Indian women spanning centuries of practice, this kit contains a euphoric collection of luxury staples to delight your skin, senses and spirit. Each handcrafted item can be integrated into your daily self love ritual in a myriad of ways. With the less is more approach, the potent blends are designed to be a base from which you can customize the rituals to your precise needs by adding simple kitchen ingredients. The Empress Kit comes with a virtual ticket to the much anticipated Gua Sha Facial workshop on May 16th from 10 am - 12:30 pm where attendees worldwide will access time-tested ageless recipes, remedies, tips and tricks for cultivating an enriching self care experience like no other. 


1. Kansa Gua Sha Comb ($90 value) - a dazzling majestic facial tool fit for a Queen. A true fusion of Gua Sha from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the healing power of Ayurvedic Kansa metal. Meticulously made by skilled blacksmiths in Rajasthan, India. This tool is the only one of its kind in the world and available in extremely limited quantities. Kansa is a blend of bronze, copper and tin with a rich fascinating history among Indian Royalty. Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, durable, break-resistant, a powerful subtle energy conductor, this highly sophisticated Kansa tool is a must-have in your treasure trove of self care goods. Result: Radically lifted skin and spirit. 


2. Kansa Tool Mini Disinfecting Kit - a 3 ml amber glass bottle of Premium Grade Tea Tree Oil and a 20 ml glass cork bottle of Pure White Cosmetic Clay. Tea Tree kills bacteria while the White Clay absorbs excess oils and impurities from the surface.


3. May Lindstrom Deluxe Sized Samples - @maylindstrom is one of my personal Green Beauty Heroes. May has generously offered deluxe sized samples of her ultra-luxurious bestselling Blue Cocoon Facial Balm made with Blue Tansy and Cacao (full size is $180) and Jasmine Facial Mist packed with Colloidal Silver and Vanilla (full size is $70). The result: Awakened senses and truly revitalized skin.


4. Sensuous Facial Steam Herbs - a vibrant regal blend of ORGANIC soothing, calming, aromatic roots, petals and leaves to unwind and ground your spirit. Formulated specifically to deeply cleanse the pores, promote circulation, boost hydration, alleviate inflammation and enhance absorption of the vital nutrients from skincare products. The result: Dewy, detoxified skin and a soothed psyche. Drop a spoonful of these potent herbs into hot water to activate the healing properties. Contains 3-4 rounds.


5. Skin Detox, Destress ImmuniTEA - a soul-nourishing, body-replenishing and skin- detoxifying medley of ORGANIC botanicals and essential minerals. Contains up to 10 cups of destress and immunity boosters. 


6. Multani Mitti aka Indian Fuller's Earth Clay- For ages, Indian women have harnessed the healing benefits of this natural, mineral rich clay from the desertlands of Rajasthans. A power cleanser, exfoliator, skin brightener and pore tightner. Create a facial mask by using a tsp or less of this clay mixed with water and other simple kitchen mediums to address innumerable skin issues. 


7. NEW & REVOLUTIONARY! Anti-bacterial, Waterproof, UV Protection Pandemic Mask - Imported from Vietnam where face masks have been used daily, long before the pandemic to shield the skin from harmful pollutants and UV rays. This breathable mask was specially designed to be water-resistant and anti-bacterial. Made with 3 thin, durable layers of premium grade cotton and polyfibers. Reusable and lasting up to 30 washes. 


8. Virtual Ticket to Gua Sha Facial Workshop on Saturday, May 16th, 10 am to 12:30 pm. ($50 value) Indulge in 2.5 hours of sacred holistic beauty secrets, rituals, recipes, remedies and a full Gua Sha Facial routine to follow daily to keep your skin plumped, sculpted and polished. 



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